Szpital Położniczo-Ginekologiczny

porody bezpłatne w ramach kontraktu z NFZ

Class in English

Course plan

  • Preparing for a hospital stay – which tests should you do, what and when should you pack, which documents should you bring?
  • The stages of labor and delivery – what changes occur in particular stages of labor, what are the signs of labor and when do they occur, pain relief techniques, birthing positions.
  • Caesarean section – indications for caesarean section, preparation for the surgery, incision types, incision care.
  • Lactation – class in the form of a workshop including both theoretical and practical part (on our true-to-life dolls). Latch techniques will be presented, as well as methods and mechanisms helping you feed your little ones.
  • The postpartum period – perineal care, how to recover and return to your pre-pregnancy shape, a few words on changes in the family dynamics.
  • Bathing and neonatal care – methods of holding a newborn while bathing, which we will practice on our school true-to-life dolls. Taking care of the tiny body, dressing the baby, changing the diaper, hugging.
  • Exercises – breathing techniques during subsequent stages of delivery, postural positions that help relieve tension and pain, exercises strengthening and relaxing muscles, lower back massage.

Three two-hour long meetings.


3rd trimester



Newborn care


The postpartum period



820 zł


Sobota 3 grudnia od godz. 9.00

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